Caucus of


Advocating Collaboratively for Change & Equity in Student Services

We are an organized group of Specialized Service Professionals and Special Educators advocating collaboratively for positive change and equity to benefit our important work in student services. We are leaders engaging in courageous conversations with stakeholders (DPS leadership, DCTA, School Board, families, & state organizations) to support our students’ learning & growth by organizing around our shared priorities.

This year, DCTA is negotiating our next 5-year contract with the district. Our caucus is advocating for workload sustainability, strong representation on leadership teams and district-wide advisory committees, equitable professional compensation & evaluation systems, workspaces to support student learning, and inclusive language for SSPs & Special Educators.


All Specialized Service Professionals & Special Educators are protected and empowered to make ethical and professional decisions in a sustainable work environment that results in the well-being and successful outcomes for ALL students.


To build SSP & SpEd unity, power, & voice for advocacy & representation within the district & DCTA.

  • Unity: engagement in a group with diverse representation and common knowledge, goals, and interest that build solidarity

  • Power: all SSPs & Special Educators joining together as a collective force to be able to accomplish goals

  • Voice: individual SSP & SpEd voices impact the collective purpose where the decisions are being made

Who We Represent

Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

Center-Based Special Educators

Early Childhood Special Educators

Educational Sign Language Interpreters

Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf/HoH

Itinerant Gifted/Talented Teachers

Itinerant Special Educators

Itinerant Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Mild/Moderate Special Educators

Occupational Therapists

Orientation & Mobility Specialists

Physical Therapists

School Counselors

School Nurses

School Psychologists

School Social Workers

Speech-Language Pathologists